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A bad turn in ND can lead to a really bad day

So what happens when you find yourself lost and in the elements? I’m talking about slippery roads and winter conditions

Is there a good time to lose? Well I would say if it’s 75 degrees outside and the roads are in perfect shape then yes that would be a great time. Sadly, the hot weather here in North Dakota has left us for a while. Yesterday (Sunday January 2nd) almost looked like a taste of late winter with mostly positive temperatures, so when a truck driver got behind the wheel of a commercial truck heading to Dunn Country, what could go wrong?

“Hey, Alexa, which way do I turn?” “

There’s a long-standing joke that when a woman gets lost, she immediately stops and asks for directions, unlike a man. He will continue to be engaged and determined to find the right path on his own. Nowadays we have state of the art GPS that will take us out of any situation. When you are in an area even your resources cannot help you, there may be times of tension ahead like this. According to KFYR TV, “No one was injured when a commercial truck fell through the ice near Skunk Bay on Sunday morning, according to the Dunn County Sheriff’s Office. ‘was lost and had tried to turn around in what he had “. I thought it was a field. Instead, the truck pierced the ice. The matter is under study.

How would you react to this situation? Would you be able to stay calm?

I guess that would have rocked a lot of us. You are lost, and just trying to bring your senses together, and chaos is building up around you. The name of the driver and the company were not mentioned, but it is clear that he or she at the wheel was able to remain calm.

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