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Afternoon review: Shanghai stock index fluctuated up 0.4%, real estate stocks erupted, auto finance industry etc got stronger

December 21, 2021

Trade anticipated on the 21, Shanghai index Intraday volatility increased and returned to above 3,600 points; Shenzhen Component Index dipped lower and turned green during the intraday session, barely Fan Fanhong around noon; the entrepreneurial index rose sharply after the opening, then swung down. The two cities’ morning turnover was around 610 billion yuan, with a small net purchase of funds heading north.

As of the noon close, the Shanghai Composite Index rose 0.41% to 3,608.48 points and the Shenzhen Components Index edged up 0.07%. Growth Enterprise Market IndexDown 0.65 %; the total turnover of the two cities was 611.7 billion yuan, and the net purchase of funds to the north was 368 million yuan.

On record, most sectors in both cities grew and the real estate sector exploded sharply. “20cm” Special Service Daily Limit, HeungKong Holdings 、 Songdu Shares 、 Jiakai City 、 Blu-ray Development 、 CCCC Real EstatePending more than 20 shares Daily Limit; furniture, building materials and other sectors are also strong; Hospitality, Tourism, Textile and Clothing, Car, Bank, Insurance, Brokerage And so on, the plates are all higher and higher; figures currency, concept Baby, meta universe, etc theme Performance was active and the concept of lithium extraction from salt lakes, new corona tests, UHV and hydrogen energy concepts were weakening.

GuoshengSecurities It is pointed out that the quantile difference between high and low sector valuations of A shares is the highest in ten years. This has resulted in the recent continued differentiation of the market. Most cyclical industries have huge potential production capacity and do not have high growth. It is not recommended to participate blindly, but the lithium battery industry has not yet recorded a surplus and remains cautiously optimistic. The main line of the market is unknown, which has created irrational themes and hype. The continuous daily limit of individual stocks has received regulatory attention. Be careful to avoid risks. Currently, there is a need to continue focusing on industries that are encouraged and supported by policies, high prosperity industries, and industry leaders with product bargaining power. The funds will eventually “anchor” the performance of the company. Operationally, the structured market will continue for longer, cyclicals will decline to a high level, technology themes should become the new main line and the consumer sector will stabilize and rebound. The industry is optimistic that the booming and improving economy, the new energy vehicles, components, military-civil integration and other adjustments are relatively adequate, and the main technology of science and technology. technology can be given special attention; the impact of the epidemic on the consumer camp is decreasing, and the domestic epidemic should be extinguished within a month, and the inflation rate It has started to recover. Next year, policy will focus on supporting domestic demand. The prosperity of the consumer sector should herald a marginal improvement, worthy of attention.

(Article source: SecuritiesTimes Network)

Source of the article: Securities Times

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Original Title: Afternoon Review: Shanghai Stock Index Fluctuated Up 0.4%, Real Estate Shares Bursted, Auto Finance Industry Gained Strength

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