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Arcadian Infracom Announces Major Customer Agreement and Final BIA Approval for its Fiber Backbone Route from Phoenix to Salt Lake City

These are two more significant examples of the tremendous support from Arcadian customers and our public sector partners for Arcadian Fiber Routes.

Arcadian Infracom, a fiber infrastructure company that builds various low-latency, long-haul fiber routes connecting major data center markets, has signed an agreement to purchase multiple fiber pairs along its Phoenix route. in Salt Lake City by a well-established broadband provider. Arcadian has also received the required easement from the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) to build its first backbone fiber route through the heart of the Navajo Nation.

“These are two more significant examples of the tremendous support from Arcadian customers and our public sector right-of-way partners for Arcadian fiber routes,” said Dan Davis, CEO of Arcadian. “We appreciate our dark fiber customers’ continued support and confidence in the Arcadian business model and our goals to improve the diversity of the national fiber backbone in the United States and enable scalable broadband access in rural and tribal communities along Arcadian roads. »

Running along Highway 89 between Flagstaff and Page, Arizona, this project will extend the global Internet backbone across the Navajo Nation and other rural communities as Arcadian creates a more direct fiber connection between Phoenix and Salt Lake City. The Navajo Arcadian Fiber Project, established in 2018 by Navajo legislation and extended through 2020 legislation, will provide a long-term sustainable fiber transportation solution for communities along the Fiber Route. This scale fiber backhaul connectivity is essential to enable distance learning, telemedicine, remote work capabilities and other 21st century economic development opportunities for people in these rural communities.

“The BIA easement is the culmination of a highly collaborative process spanning over 3 years with the Navajo Nation and the Department of the Interior’s BIA to construct a major long-distance fiber optic route through Indian Country, rather than to bypass these communities as has happened in the past,” Mr. Davis said. “Arcadian is well positioned with off-the-shelf projects that align with the tens of billions of dollars that individual states and the U.S. government provide to solve the problem of rural and tribal broadband access.”

About Arcadian Infracom

Founded in 2018 by seasoned leaders in the communications industry and headquartered in St. Louis, MO, Arcadian Infracom is an internet infrastructure development, construction and operation company. Arcadian builds diverse, low-latency long-haul fiber routes connecting major data centers for its cloud and content customers, while providing a low-cost backhaul to digitally-locked rural and tribal communities for its telecommunications, cable, ISP and enterprise. Arcadian deliberately routes its fiber through remote rural and tribal communities to help bridge the digital divide in the United States.

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