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Cool and totally wacky gifts that dads will receive for Father’s Day


If you want to buy Dad something different for Father’s Day, we’ve got a list for you! The website reviewed the Father’s Day gifts people are looking for this year and came up with one that each state buys more than other states.

A few states seem to be looking for more traditional daddy stuff: in Alabama it’s all about fishing gear, in Arkansas, they want dad to smell like cologne. Here in Massachusetts, not just a six pack but gift boxes of beer (we like to get it right!). Also in Vermont, everything revolves around the wax seal for dads who write letters.

Heading to Michigan you have to customize a dad’s coffee mugs and t-shirts, in Oklahoma dads put it on everything hot sauce and West Virginia Birkenstocks. And of course, for a complete daddy look, don’t forget the white socks to accompany these Birkenstocks

Here’s the fun part of daddy’s day when you buy him something, should I say unique? or less traditional daddy gifts: Hawaii your dad will juice his way with cold juicers, New York hopefully your dad has a green thumb because people are looking for plants and New- Mexico, “rustic and manly jewelry.”

And we go beyond the limits, here are some of the weirder things we buy Connecticut dads get shorts with built-in underwear WEEEE! in Idaho, pillows that look like sports shirts, Kansas wants to give dad, in quotes, a “pill for unlimited intelligence” (I scratch my head on that one.)

In Maryland, George Washington, Tennessee memorabilia want stuff from the Cracker Barrel store in Texas, luxury toothpicks (???) Virginia is looking for laser-etched beef jerky.

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