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Gun fired at children’s football tournament in Salt Lake City


SALT LAKE CITY – Spectators and soccer players share their tales of a frightening situation involving a gun at a soccer tournament in Salt Lake City. It took place on Saturday at the Rose Park Regional Sports Complex.

Parents said after someone shouted that there was an active shooter, everyone in the park started running for cover.

Erin Shephard was present at the game and said: “One of the defenders shouted, ‘Active Shooter! To run!’ and everyone, nobody saw a gunman or heard a gunman, but everyone started going crazy and screaming for their kids.

Chaos ensues after guns release at football tournament in Salt Lake City

She said there were at least 8 football games at the same time.

Shephard said as everyone fled they eventually all ended up in front of a chain link fence that borders the area. People started to jump the fences and run in the backyards.

“There were houses on the south side that people started knocking on doors asking people to let in. There were about 4 houses that people had just opened their doors and let all these teenagers in. randomly.”

She said it was a scary moment for everyone involved.

“This team of girls of about 13 was sobbing and terrified, people were trying to find their children, or hadn’t brought their phones… there were hundreds of people running and the older people who couldn’t. running hid behind the cars. “

Shepard said rumors had started to circulate that it was anything from parent fights to gang violence, to someone with an automatic rifle or someone doing a prank call.

Organizers: A person in police custody

KSL received a copy of an email from US Youth Soccer, the organization in charge of the tournament, confirming that a gun was fired, but no shots were fired.

Chris Webb, director of competition and event operations, said two adult spectators from the same 13-year-old girls team were involved.

“One of the people pulled out a gun (no shots were fired), forcing staff and referees to immediately expel all teams / families / spectators from the area. Police currently have the individual who took the gun out in custody, ”he said.

Webb added that the suspect who allegedly fired the gun had been taken into custody and the other person involved was banned from attending other events over the weekend.

“Games resumed once police approved it was safe to return to the pitches, but Jonathan Berzins (league manager) informed the teams that if anyone did not feel safe to return to the pitch the pitches, he had to be contacted to reschedule their matches. “

KSL has contacted both US Youth Soccer and the Salt Lake Police Department for comment. US Soccer said it couldn’t comment on an active investigation and the SLCPD has yet to respond to our calls.

This story will be updated. Stay tuned to KSL NewsRadio for the latest updates

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