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Lee is Utah’s only GOP candidate with less than 50% of the vote

SALT LAKE CITY – A recent poll for the Utah congressional elections hints at another GOP landslide — except for a race.

According to the Utah Debate Commission, a survey by Lighthouse Research & Development, Inc. asked about 500 voters in each congressional district who they would vote for if the races started Sept. 16.

In CD-1, Rep. Blake Moore (R) is about 29% ahead of challenger Rick Jones (D), with 312 pollsters saying they would vote for Moore. About 6% say they are undecided or otherwise.

In CD-4, Burgess Owens (R) also has a significant lead over challenger Darlene McDonald (D), with Owens polling at 57.14% and Jones at 30.36%. The United Utah party’s third-party candidate January Walker got 6.15% and 6.35% were undecided.

Meanwhile, other districts are seeing GOP candidates edge closer to the 50% mark, according to the Utah Debate Commission survey.

CD-3 Rep. John Curtis (R) polled 51.39% of pollsters, with the rest of the challengers splitting the votes. Glenn Wright (D) is second with 26.79%, with third-party candidates like Aaron Heineman for the American Independent Party and Michael Stoddard for the Libertarian Party getting around 5% of pollster votes.

CD-2 is another race with two third-party candidates getting 4-5% of pollster votes. Representative Chris Stewart (R) got 50.20%, while Nick Mitchell (D) got 30.91%. About 8.27% of pollsters were undecided.

Sen. Mike Lee fends off 2 opponents to win Utah GOP primary

But the race catching Utah’s attention is the seat of Sen. Mike Lee.

According to the survey, Lee is only at 48.13%, with 245 pollsters saying they would vote for him. Although there was no Democratic challenger for the seat, third-party Evan McMullin voted 37.33% with 190 pollsters. Other third-party candidates polled about 4%, with 5% of pollsters undecided.

The Utah Debate Commission said the survey had a margin of error of about 4.35% for each race.

Senator Mitt Romney’s seat will be elected in 2024. Romney is the only US senator who did not back Lee for re-election.

The Utah Debate Commission will host debates for all races in October at various universities across the state;

  • CD-1 on October 10 at 6 p.m. at Weber State University:
    • Blake Moore (Republican)
    • Rick Jones (Democrat)
  • CD-2 on October 14 at 6 p.m. at Southern Utah University:
    • Cassie Easley (Constitution)
    • Nick Mitchell (Democrat)
    • Chris Stewart (Republican)
  • CD-3 on October 6 at 6 p.m. at Brigham Young University:
    • John Curtis (Republican)
    • Glenn Wright (Democrat)
  • CD-4 on October 12 at 6 p.m. at the University of Utah:
    • Darlene McDonald (Democrat)
    • Burgess Owens (Republican)
    • January Walker (Utah United)
  • US Senate on October 17 at 6 p.m. at Utah Valley University:
    • Mike Lee (Republican)
    • Evan McMullin (unaffiliated)
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