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MUSIC CHOICES: JUNE 2 TO 8 | Choice of music | Salt Lake City

311 @ Sandy Amphitheater
Perfect for hot weather touring, veteran Omaha band Neb. 311 is designed to serve up summer jams of the nü metal, funk rock, and lite-reggae variety. They’ve been doing it since the late 80s, while a string of major label albums in the early 90s cemented their reputation as a band that brought the party to the gigs, though they never achieved acclaim. by criticism. Instead, the band has been churning out records for years, at whatever pace they want, with the lineup intact since 1991 – an incredible feat for any band, regardless of genre and popularity. deed. 311 perform at the Sandy Amphitheater (1245 E. 9400 South) on Thursday, June 2 with support from Teenage Wrist. Tickets at different prices are available on

Home Phone @ Kilby Court
The SLC-based Homephone offered a fantastic album via Bandcamp (and cassette) at the end of May, just before that Friday June 3 show at Kilby Court (741 South Kilby Court) and after a small handful of singles and compilation appearances. The 10 songs of Colley Mellon are really adorable, all songs are written, recorded and mixed by Ysabelle Stepp and Joseph Sandholtz. 26Fix, Toothpicks and Adult Prom are listed as supporting acts for the show. Ten dollar tickets to this show for all ages are available through

Tomberlin @ The urban living room
Sarah Beth Tomberlin’s music is both beautiful and a little scary. His last album I don’t know who needs to hear this… is the type of album that will kick-start a career that was on the cusp of something special just before the pandemic. “My first record, I did it without knowing I was doing it,” she says via bio. “I was writing songs to deal with stuff in my personal life as it happened, and then all of a sudden it all happened really fast. Record label, touring, press, all that momentum and a lot of career advice, which, you know, I didn’t even expect to get. So I think when I started writing the second album, I felt a lot of pressure to sounds collected and deep, almost like a book – chapters, narrative, all wrapped up nicely. Terrific voice; smart, understated lyrics; tasteful, spare instrumentation. So here to love. Tomberlin plays Urban Lounge (241 S. 500 East) with Jana Horn on Saturday, June 4. Ticket information is available at


Carolyn Wonderland @ The Ogden Music Festival
Carolyn Wonderland has an impressive string of awards, honors and firsts. She was the lead guitarist for John Mayall’s Blues Breakers, the first woman to fill that slot. She has won plaudits at the fiercely competitive Austin Music Awards for the past two years. She has the Bob Dylan seal of approval. And she has a 2021 album, tempting fate (Alligator Records), which received good reviews on both sides of the Atlantic. Giving a broader idea of ​​his work, we check his biography to read: “Wonderland has been performing professionally since the age of 15. His music is a bold mix of timeless original songs and reimaginings of some of his favorites, ranging from blisters from electric blues to deep, heartfelt ballads from cosmic country to soulful Tex-Mex.” Wonderland appears at the Ogden Music Festival (Fort Buenaventura, 2450 A Ave., Ogden) on Saturday, June 4, with a performance at 4:30 p.m. Ticketing information is available at

Orville Peck @ Sandy Amphitheater
A breakthrough, crossover hit in life just before COVID, Orville Peck released his second album and first on a major label, Broncos. This album, as well as its predecessor, Pony, provide the backbone of the Bronco Tour coming to Utah this week. The Nashville Scene took his show last month at the historic Ryman, and noted that “the hour-plus performance built up at all the right times, stopped when it felt natural, and totally served its purpose Rejoicing in the benches dumped in the aisles, and the young gay attendees all around were having what appeared to be religious experiences.For now, questions about how much mileage Peck can ultimately get from being a masked walker didn’t seem relevant. – this evening was one that will live.Orville Peck and The Nude Party appear at the Sandy Amphitheater (1245 E. 9400 South) on Wednesday, June 8, with doors at 6:30 p.m. and the show starting at 7:30 p.m.. Tickets are available at

Blackwater Holylight @ Metro Music Hall
If it’s possible, the band Blackwater Holylight can completely satisfy the needs of heavy metal and shoegaze fans, creating a heady mix of buzzy rock married to quality hummable hooks. Sometimes released as a quartet, other times as a quintet, the group’s latest album, Silence/Movement, is a marvel. As good a source of metal information as any, Metal injection says that “As its name suggests, Blackwater Holylight uses stark sonic contrasts throughout its work and manages to be brutally heavy, without being all together musically heavy at all. Silence/Movement is an emotionally devastating dark divergence for the Portland, Oregon-based outfit that embodies grief and recovery both globally and personally.” We’ll add that the black and white video of the same song is on YouTube, and it has the potential to convert you.Blackwater Holylight appears at Metro Music Hall (615 W. 100 South) on Wednesday, June 8 with Spirit Mothers.Tickets are $15 and available through

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