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If you look Squid game on Netflix – and who isn’t? – then you know that the titular game is organized and played by people who are clearly more sinister than the rest. Squid game reveals that some people are deceptively sinister, while others are simply cautiously sinister. Other characters are terribly good people but always resort to being less than themselves if the situation deserves it. In such situations, these people resort to cheating, greed, betrayal, lies, theft, intimidation, bowing, evil, murder and cowardice.

Only a handful of Squid game the characters embrace virtuous human traits. Even fewer evoke warmth or sympathy. Most of the characters in Squid game pretty much sums up almost all the bad traits of the human race. That doesn’t even count the despicable sadists who run and oversee the squid game itself out of complicity, greed, or overgrown egos. Eventually, these evil groups are eliminated from the game until only the original 456 participants remain the luckiest, most twisted, least loved, and most ambitious.

There could only be one character who was the worst of the worst, the lowest of the lowest, the most accomplice of accomplices, the most brazen of cowards. I’m not normally the type to spoil the end of a good movie or drama, so just say when Squid game is reduced to defining the most sinister of all of its characters, it’s not an easy choice given all the options. However, the price of the worst Squid game the character, bar none, is the most loathsome of all: Representative Chris Stewart.

Yes, this Chris. The guy who represents my gerrymandered neighborhood of Salt Lake City in the US House of Representatives. The former Air Force kid. This is also the scope of his curriculum vitae.

He’s the squid player who has been in the public for his entire adult life, taking full advantage of all the social benefits offered by our government, but who wants to keep socialism for his greedy little self. He’s also the guy who shamelessly takes a stand on almost nothing important but follows with the obedience of a border collie. He’s known for flip-flopping on all subjects, and he’s also known to speak harshly but never support him. He’s the guy who “inadvertently” blurted out – through a side door – disruptive members of his party in the first round of Donald Trump’s impeachment hearings.

I’m pretty sure Stewart wouldn’t last until the end in a real squid game – he’d be eaten alive by Cho Sang-Woo or Jang Deo-Su. However, in real life he is like them. Note his most recent act of spineless deception last week, when he announced on Facebook – so Chris from himself – that he was boycotting the Utah Jazz because of a policy that only people willing to prove vaccination against COVID-19 would be allowed to watch games. in Vivint Arena.

There has been a lot of things written and said about Stewart over the past week that I don’t need to accumulate on, but it’s a bit weary for a man who has never worked for or managed a private company in his life to stand so high against one. The Utah Jazz have every right to set rules of behavior in their arena, just as the church that Stewart attends sets rules for entry into its temples.

Considering the vitriol that stole its way after her announcement, you’d think Stewart could’ve gotten the message out, but that’s not the game. Squid game is the game. Stewart knows he wasn’t speaking to the healthiest faction in Utah’s health community, nor to most Utah Jazz fans – he was bending to his base.

I am only a gerrymandered fraction of his district. He won’t suffer a lot of wasted votes tearing up the Utah Jazz, who play non-Squid games in his neighborhood. Real city dwellers support the city center. Quite simple. It makes you wonder, then, what exactly matters to Chris Stewart, in relation to the COVID pandemic, and does he care about anyone in his district? Of course, of course, he was vaccinated and, also, he claims to encourage people to “get bitten” as they say in Sevier County. He encourages moderately, however, and certainly not in such a deliberate way that it has any effect.

You know that’s true because while Stewart boldly defends his personal freedoms in that gray mass at 301 S. West Temple, Sevier County’s “anti-jabbers” make up Utah’s second county for deaths from COVID per 100,000, at 116 (according to the latest update from The New York Times coronavirus tracker). The full vaccination rate in Sevier County is 34%. Looks like those Fish Lake in Sevier lunkers are safe for another year – I’m boycotting!

As COVID knows no borders, and as COVID now flourishes in rural America, it’s no surprise that other counties in the Stewart District dominate the Top 10 cases per 100,000, hospitalizations per 100 000 and the least vaccinated county category, with eight of Stewart’s constituents. counties among the 10 lowest vaccinated in Utah. Juab County is only 29% vaccinated (the Utah state average is 52%). Gently supporting vaccinations on Facebook while speaking out loud on meaningless boycotts is a Squid game cunning. He doesn’t care who dies until it’s him.

And yes, they are dying. Utah has four congressional districts with roughly equal populations within each. But the Stewart District (giving it a third of Salt Lake County and half of Juab County) accounts for about 37% of Utah’s COVID deaths, far from the cynical 25% betting line. Maybe he can Facebook a note of sympathy to the five COVID deaths reported in his district today (Tuesday, October 5, 2021).

Stewart kills him. He would be a master at Squid game. CW

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