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The American economic landscape is changing, and Rangely, CO is changing with it! The city is on a mission to diversify, in anticipation of the future. City residents include skilled workers, including those with trade industry experience and others entering the workforce after attending Colorado Northwestern Community College (CNCC), which was listed among the top five community colleges in the nation whose graduates earn the highest salaries, according to Newsweek magazine. The college, which is a great asset to the community, also offers free courses for residents.

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Private business is alive and well in Rangely, with business owners – from industries as diverse as retail, restaurants and hospitality – evenly sharing how easy it is to do business in town . Their business may be in different industries, but everyone expressed appreciation for the resources available, easy answers to questions, and the speed and reliability of Rangely’s low-cost 1 gigabyte (GB) fiber optic network. .

“Small businesses are the backbone of society. The Town of Rangely welcomes and supports new and existing business expansion with low regulatory, utility, property and sales taxes. Rangely would like to invite businesses to also look at our quality of life, which includes excellent pre-school and K-12 education, to include higher education through CNCC,” said City Manager Lisa Piering.

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Local business owner Dorian Geba shared how owning and operating a business in Rangely differs from three other states, saying, “My wife and I consider ourselves lucky to own a company in Rangely, CO where our drive to succeed is matched by the city, with great people who are easy to deal with In the past, I’ve found business can be a bit hostile in some places, but Rangely blew my mind! While there were still the usual permitting processes to go through, the folks at the city government are open-minded and really pro-business. (Many jurisdictions can say that, but Rangely really means it!) I purchased my property in April 2021 and I own the Silver Sage RV Park on Main St. Thanks to Rangely’s focus on economic development, I have been able to benefit from a grant that provides me with assistance with signage and improves the external appeal of my business.”

Local government supports businesses through the Rangely Development Agency (RDA) and the Rangely Development Corporation (RDC), two urban renewal authorities in the city (the Façade Renovation/Improvement Grant Scheme of the RDA website offers financial assistance to owners or tenants with a commercial enterprise in Center-ville de Rangely); the Chamber of Commerce of the Rangely region; the Colorado Small Business Development Center (SBDC); and the Northern Colorado Enterprise Zone program, of which Rangely’s Rio Blanco County is a part.

“Big companies tend to locate in cities and absorb most of the business from small and medium-sized businesses,” said one business owner based in Arvada, Colorado. “We were looking for a community where a small business like ours would be valued and utilized. We have a lot to contribute to a community and really want to be part of a community that is looking to grow. After a thorough investigation, we choose Rangely.

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Remote workers should also be attracted to Rangely. PC Magazine ranked Rangely #23 in the US “Best Work from Home Cities” (one of two Colorado cities to make the ranking).

“Remote work is made easy here with our 1GB high-speed fiber optic Internet services, offered for $70 per month, which is cheaper than other locations,” said Jeannie R. Caldwell, coordinator of the marketing and economic development of the town of Rangely. “When the work is complete, you can quickly enjoy the wide open spaces that surround our community, without traffic or crowds. Honestly, it’s hard to believe this type of wonderful place still exists.”

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Photo courtesy of Rangely, Colo.


Photo courtesy of Rangely, Colo.

The LOWdown on Rangely

Rangely, a small town in Colorado’s Greater Northwest region, has gotten its share of recognition. Nicknames include “Colorado’s Friendliest Town”, “Second Safest City in Colorado”, and one of the state’s “Top 10 Most Affordable Places to Live“.

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The cost of living is 13% lower than the Colorado average and 4% lower than the national average. In addition to its low cost of living, Rangely offers residents a low cost of doing business and a low crime rate.


Average age of residents:

33 Years

Median income:


Average house price:


Bachelor’s degree or higher:


Some college:


*State Bureau of Demography, Colorado Demographic Profile for the City of Rangely.

“Rangely offers most of the services offered by larger communities, including Rangely District Hospital, a designated Level IV Trauma Center, Western Rio Blanco Park and Recreation, which has a full-service recreation center, a golf course and a calendar of events throughout the year. We are surrounded by Bureau of Land Management properties that invite you to come and play! These amenities make Rangely a great, safe place to live in a small community,” said Piering.

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The town is minutes from the Canyon Pintado Historic District, the closest with amenities to Dinosaur National Monument and only 25 miles from the Utah border (220 miles from Salt Lake City), 70 miles from Grand Junction and 275 miles from Denver, CO. enthusiasts will have the choice between various activities, including boating; cliff diving; fishing for trout, bass, northern pike, crappie and catfish; Mountain bike; and OHV Trails and rock crawling in Colorado’s only natural rock crawling park. Additional recreational activities include The Tank, a 60-foot water tank that is an acoustic marvel and concert hall; the three-day ROAR OHV Adventurous Rally in August; a host of festivals and more!

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Space to build and grow your business

Buildings, vacant land and warehouse structures are available in Rangely for small manufacturing businesses, agricultural production, healthcare, outdoor recreation businesses, remote businesses and workers, small craft businesses and boutique, sightseeing, and more!

Join a population of 6,336 people in Rio Blanco County, 2,500 of whom live in the town of Rangely, from all walks of life in a great city, full of great people and an amazing place to do business!

View Rangely, CO’s investment prospectus here.

Contact Jeannie R. Caldwell regarding locating/moving or expanding your business to Rangely. Call (720) 505-7780 or email [email protected].

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