Fans of “Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” Look forward to the shocking scenes they saw on this season’s Bravo reality show teaser release.

Jen Sha was seen leaving the shuttle to flee to an undisclosed location, and authorities picked her up minutes after she left.

One of the housewives later revealed that she had been arrested for fraud and charged with aiding and abetting a scam that seniors targeted across the United States.

The teaser then moved on to a scene where Shah was arguing with another housewife, Meredith Marks, accusing him of going after her.

Well, the dust has yet to settle on this drama, as episode two of the reality TV series has just unveiled some searing new details on the matter.

Read on to see the full story.

The quarrel continues

Episode two titled “Icy Apology” seemed to show that Mark’s beef with Shah from last season has been dragged into the new season. During this season, viewers have seen Marks accuse his co-worker of exposing her vagina while having a drink at her house. Apparently, Mark’s son Brooks had a full view of Shah’s lower regions and reacted uncomfortably.

For this and many other reasons, she believes her co-star is on a quest to ruin her son’s image on social media.

Instagram | Jen Shah

“She wants to take control of Brooks’ life and define who he is,” Marks told her husband, Seth, in the episode.
It came after Shah liked a tweet that suggested she should slap Brooks and call him a “sissy b ****”.

Marks continued to complain to her husband about Shah’s questionable actions.

“He didn’t label himself as gay, and she’s been busy labeling herself that way.” “I would never have ‘liked’ something like that in his children. Retweeting something is as good as saying it. Stop fucking with my kid and my family, ”added the reality TV star. For fans, their relationship has only turned from bad to worse.

Did Meredith Marks Admit She Missed Shah?

Some viewers may have drawn a parallel between Shah’s current troubles with the law and his feud with Marks. Those who shared this point of view have just received one more reason to believe that Brooks’ mother did something fishy.

Marks and Brooks appeared as guests on Andy Cohen’s late night show right after episode two of the new season aired.

The show, titled “Watch What Happens Live,” saw the reality TV star talk about many aspects in episode two of the reality TV series. However, the highlight of the interview was Mark’s response to a question posed by a viewer of both shows.

The viewer asked Marks if she criticized her colleague by calling federal authorities on her. Marks’ response was obscured by mystery. “Andy, haven’t you heard me tell everyone not to hurt my family?” ” she asked.

Viewers probably would have felt the response said more than it looks.

Shah and Gay Heart to Heart Talk

Besides Marks’ booming beef with Shah, Gay’s relationship with the indicted star was investigated in episode two.

A new scene showed Shah and Gay discussing some derogatory comments she allegedly made about him, including calling her a racist, a manatee and “Shrek.”

“Why are you throwing stupid little digs behind my back?” Gay asked.

A photo of Jen Shah in a gray fur coat, and she looks gorgeous.
Instagram | Jen Shah

“You hurt me too,” Shah replied, recalling their previous conversation during the season one reunion.

Shah then refuted Gay’s charge and became cranky about “not feeling good enough” and “standing on a different level.”

In the episode, Gay revealed that even though they would no longer be confidants, she still considers Shah a friend. It is not known if the couple reconciled, but there is still hope between them.

More scenes from episode two

Marks’ continued drama with Shah and the ensuing conversation between Shah and Gay weren’t the only hot moments in the episode.

Another notable scene revealed that the housewife, Whitney rose was not happy with the amount of sex she was having with her husband, coupled with her dream of making her Iris + Beau business worth $ 1 billion.

In another scene, viewers realized that the new housewife, Jennie Nguyen, was a wedding singer and she showcased her beautiful talent on camera for everyone to see.

Finally, colleague, Marie cosby, planned to remodel her home after bored with her design due to life at home from the pandemic.

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