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Watch big brother
There’s the legalese, and then there’s the legislature creatively using the English language to make them seem smarter than the average bear. And sure enough, almost all of their Acts this session sent the message that, yes, they’re smarter than you, they know better than you, and you better swallow it all. Let’s first talk about how something might “involve the principles of federalism or state sovereignty”, which The Salt Lake Grandstand fortunately put in quotes. In the real world, to implicate means to show that something or someone is involved in a criminal prosecution. Are the principles of federalism and state sovereignty doing something criminal? That’s not what Rep. Ken Ivory, R-West Jordan, meant with his bill, HB209, which seeks to police the federal government. And they’re going to ask a third party to do that “check” and decide what exactly those principles of federalism are, if not someone’s questionable interpretation of the Constitution.


fire away
We’re talking about gun laws again and the multitude of ways “the militia” has come to mean anyone, anytime, with any weapon and doing anything with it. . What happened was that Michael Clara, 58, fired at a truck that drove away after hitting his 4Runner, KSL reported. Clara, an outspoken and pompous political activist, said he was defending himself, believing his life was in danger. Yeah, his bullets totally missed the fleeing truck but nearly killed a young girl in the back seat of another vehicle. “Although it disturbs me to hear the story of a young child who was nearly killed in the back seat of his car while traveling down the street, my hands are tied by the demands imposed by the legislature in the new law,” a judge said. That’s because Rep. Karianne Lisonbee, R-Clearfield, literally cut and pasted Florida’s self-defense law, where “hold your ground” now means “prepare to die.”


call of spades
As the Republican Party turns into anarchic fascism, Utah Senator Mitt Romney stands firm with the old guard, you know, the moral ones. “I have to think anybody who sat down with white nationalists and spoke at their conference was definitely missing a few IQ points,” Romney told CNN. This after he called Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Georgia, and Paul Gosar, R-Arizona, “morons” because they attended America’s first political action conference amid cheers frenzied “Putin! Putin!” Romney also voted twice to impeach the former US president and faced backlash from the conservative right in Utah. But he can handle it, for now. He won’t run again until 2024, so he has some time to curry favor with the Utah right and make sure he doesn’t fall into the hands of the GOP fringe.

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